Casa Caesarea-Casa Cala

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Casa Caesarea-Casa  Cala

What a joyful gay wedding!

What an incredible afternoon/evening/night! Two fabulous women, adoring friends and family, romantic setting and love all around!

With the strict religious laws in Israel, it is tough to find a wedding venue that will host a gay or lesbian wedding. Just as we were thinking that this would provide the perfect setting for such a couple, the call came in! Chef Hanan asked if we could do a wedding for 60. Of course we could!

Asia & Sabine, the sweetest of women, came for an evening of tastings and we all fell in love! A few weeks later, a wedding was held. Casa Caesarea was so proud to host this special event, and especially proud that members of the gay and lesbian community in Israel could find a loving environment here in which to celebrate their union.

Here’s to love – wherever you can find it!