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10 Important Tips for Your Wedding Day

Follow these basic tips and have the most magical day you can imagine getting ready for your wedding!

  • 1. CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLACE. Make sure where you get ready suits you – in size, design, equipment & the customer service that is offered.
  • EAT! Unless you are religious and fasting you need to eat. You will be nervous and excited throughout the day; your closest friends and family are hovering; the hair stylist and makeup artist are fussing and everyone is hyper. It’s intense! You’ll need food to relax, to calm your stomach and to provide a base – because there’s lots of alcohol at the wedding.
  • LIMIT THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WITH YOU. Think carefully about who will spend the day with you. One friend might be too talkative or opinionated; another has a nudnik husband who calls her every hour; a third is angry because she had a fight with her boyfriend the night before. Then there’s your mother who is more excited than you and his mother who you’re not that crazy about anyway. Remember that this is your special day and you should have only the most calm, loving people around you.
  • BRING EMERGENCY SUPPLIES. Hopefully nothing will tear, rip, crease, etc. – your dress will stay in perfect condition and look stunning when you put it on. But just in case… bring along: safety pins, bobby pins, steamer or portable iron (just in case the place you’re staying in doesn’t have it).
  • PRETTY ROBE If you have photographers there early, they’ll shoot you in the preparation stages. Treat yourself to a lovely silky robe, one easy to get on and off (so it doesn’t damage the makeup), and flattering against your skin tone. It will be in the photographs!
  • POST WEDDING SUPPLIES Once you return from the wedding you will probably want to rid yourself of all the makeup and hair supplies. Bring a good makeup remover lotion or pads, and ask the hairstylist how to get all the pins, hair extensions, etc. out without damaging your hair or hurting yourself.
  • MUSIC Download your favorite songs onto your phone and ascertain whether the place you’re getting ready has a speaker to connect it to. If not, ask one of your friends to bring a portable speaker along.
  • PHONE CHARGER You’ll no doubt remember your phone, but don’t forget the charger! There’s nothing worse than knowing you’ll be getting tons of messages and no way to hear them.
  • EXRESS YOUR FEELINGS! The makeup and hair professionals are there to serve you – you are the client. If you’re not happy with what they’re doing – tell them! Don’t be angry, don’t be frustrated, just express your feelings and ask them to work with you. If they’re good, they’ll be happy to accommodate you.
  • SLEEP WELL! Get to bed early and get a good night’s sleep. Don’t eat too much, don’t drink too much and try to rest, meditate or do whatever you can to relax and enjoy your last night as a single woman!
  • Enjoy it all – and have a great wedding!

Anne Kleinberg is the owner of Casa Cala – Casa Caesarea. After 7 years of hosting brides and their friends and families – she’s become quite an expert!

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