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Casa Caesarea-Casa  Cala

Shmooze, Booze & Views

Shmooze Booze & Views

Shmooze, Booze & Views

A group of English-speaking singles, around 50 & older, getting together for friendship & mingling. Location is Casa Caesarea – Anne’s home (& B&B) on the golf course  in Israel.


I’m Anne Kleinberg, a transplanted New Yorker (Upper West Side). Degrees in psychology and interior design, ran my own design firm for 17 years and eventually meandered into journalism, cookbook & novel writing.

I made Aliyah, landed in Tel Aviv, fell in love, got married and built a home in Caesarea. The marriage didn’t work out and we divorced. I created and run Casa Caesarea in the same house – an upscale B&B for overnight guests and bridal preparation groups. Suites are let out on the upper and lower levels and I live on the ground floor – with 2 nutty dogs.

More about me at:

Basically, I love meeting and hosting people. I have this beautiful home, big pool and magnificent panoramic view and it seemed a shame not to share it. When I have guests in the B&B, they have full rights to enjoy the grounds. But when there are no guests, I’m alone. That sparked an idea – why not host get-togethers with similar people: single, English speaking and around 50 & older? And just like that – it happened!

Because it’s easier. Many of us made Aliyah as adults and our Hebrew will never be perfect. Even if we’re proficient, lengthy conversations can be trying. It’s nice to be able to converse in our native tongue once in a while.

Because there’s an obvious need. Married people have busy lives with their families, singles are often alone. 

I don’t think one’s chronological age is all that important but… there are groups for younger singles but I’m not aware of any groups for the older population that focus on English speakers. So if you’re in the range of about 50-75, you’ll feel at home

Weekends and holidays are the loneliest time for people who are single – and I’d like to provide a place for them to feel welcome. Also, Saturday afternoons are generally quiet at Casa Caesarea and I can host without worrying about disturbing guests.

But I’m open to having events at other times as well.

If you have a specific goal, then no, you probably won’t achieve it. Your ideal guy is tall and Nordic looking? Doubtful that you’ll find him here. You don’t like the usual odds of women outweighing the men? Sorry, but that seems to be the way it is. But if you want to make friends and enjoy new experiences – then join!

As I’m starting this group, I get to say what’s important to ME. Qualities that I gravitate towards are: kindness, generosity, creativity & a sense of fun. I like positive people, I like curious people, and I like people who are upbeat. Life can be tough in this country – we certainly don’t need any more whiners, pessimists, bullies, schleppers or cynics (admittedly, I’m a bit of that one). It doesn’t matter how many degrees you have, but it does matter how often you smile.

I’m offering my home, I expect others to provide the rest. So it will be either bring food (and you should know – I’m fussy and will provide a list!) or pay a fee to cover costs. 

If you like this idea and want to be involved, please let me know. I’d welcome help.

Below is a link to the S, B & V questionnaire (I’m already abbreviating!) In order to facilitate an organized & “legal” mailing list, I ask that you complete the questions and submit the form back to me.

Here’s to wishing us all a successful path to enriching our lives with new friends, and maybe even something more!

Please press the link and it will take you to the questionnaire. Fill it out, press submit and you’ll be included in all future activities.


If you’d like to be on the mailing list, you must fill out the form.

If you prefer further information first, you can send an email to: