Casa Caesarea-Casa Cala

Deluxe Accommodations, Bridal Suites & Special Events in Private Villa

Casa Caesarea-Casa  Cala

Eurovision 2019 Israel – Take a Break in Caesarea!


Eurovision 2019 takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel this year and that’s really exciting. We can’t wait!

What’s less exciting is the price of places to stay – ouch! Hotels and B&B’s and every type of accommodation are taking advantage of tourists who will be in the country to celebrate this great event by raising their prices astronomically. But we’re not.

Casa Caesarea wants to see tourists throughout the country – not just Tel Aviv and not just for those few days of the Eurovision 2019.  So we invite you to visit the gorgeous town of Caesarea Israel and come stay here at Casa Caesarea. A cross between ancient Rome (at the harbor) and modern day Beverly Hills  (the residential area), this is a taste of Israel that no one should miss.

Caesarea offers sandy white beaches (they’re free!); a 2,000 year old aqueduct right on the beach; a spectacular archaeological site at the harbor dating back to Roman times where you can walk around, visit galleries, do a bit of shopping, learn about the history and have fabulous food (and gelato). There’s even Israel’s only 19 hole golf course – right in Caesarea! And perched above the golf course, with magnificent views,  is Casa Caesarea – a private villa that offers beautiful, pampering suites in the Upper Level and Lower Level apartments.

If you’re planning a trip to Israel for Eurovision 2019, then make sure to put Caesarea on your itinerary – and stay with us at Casa Caesarea!

Here's the view from Casa Caesarea!

It doesn't get more dreamy than this. Stay in beautifully appointed rooms, have breakfast overlooking the golf course and tour one of the most beautiful places in Israel.

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