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casa caesarea

Celebrate in Vintage Style

Wedding in IsraelImagine this for your next celebration in Israel…

Bride and groom are getting ready… Guests are arriving and looking around….

Friends & relatives are anxious – they’ve had the appetizers and the drinks and they want the wedding to start!

What are they to do while the family meets with the Rabbi or poses for family shots?

Photomobil to the rescue!

There, in the middle of the venue (inside or outside) is a fabulous, fully decked out Volkswagen Beetle – decorated to the hilt and equipped with a computer screen and camera. Your guests get to play with the costumes and props and choose their favorite, then they get into the backseat of the car, pose, press the button on the screen and Voila! a photo is made!byarpost4

Two minutes later, the photos exit the printer, on a magnet, with the name and date of your event printed on each and every one. They not only have a wonderful picture, they have the perfect take-away gift from your wedding (or party) in Israel!

Created by the young and  talented team of Gabby & Tom, this creative way of entertaining your guests is catching on like wildfire. It’s new but Photomobil has already appeared at weddings, bar mitzvah’s and birthday parties, the Independence Day celebrations at the Caesarea Harbor and several corporate events.

Celebration in IsraelAnd it sort of began at Casa Caesarea! We were there at the beginning for the very first photo shoot.

Call Gabby and tell her Anne sent you – you’ll love them! Photomobil – Gabby – 054-570-9518

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