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casa caesarea

Brides! Brides! Brides!

We've had so many brides getting ready here lately - that it's tempting to change our name to Casa Matrimonia! They arrive early, nervous and uncertain. But they leave for their weddings happy, relaxed and exuberant! We're specialists in welcoming brides, making them feel at home, feeding them and their crews (makeup artists, hairstylists, family members, friends, photographers and eventually - the groom!) and sending them off to their wedding relaxed and happy. And when they forget something? We deliver it! The personal deliveries have included: irons, umbrellas, hair spray, bottles of vodka (the good kind!), etc. Basically we just love hosting them and will do almost anything to make them feel at home. Casa Caesarea is not just a luxury place to get ready. Yes, we offer beautifully designed suites, with elegant furnishings, custom-made linens, amenities from the Dead Sea and home-made gourmet breakfasts. More importantly we love what we do, we love our guests, we want them to enjoy every moment of their stay here and we do whatever we can (within reason!) to make their dreams come true. Here are some of our recent brides:

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