Casa Caesarea-Casa Cala

Deluxe Accommodations, Bridal Suites & Special Events in Private Villa

Casa Caesarea-Casa  Cala

A Place to Get Ready for Your Wedding

Getting ready for your wedding is probably the most important thing you will do on the most important day of your life. So the place you choose to get ready will have a very important impact.

Casa Caesarea is just such a place! Elegant beautifully designed suites, terraces with exquisite views, rooms designed for makeup and hair styling, delicious food and the watchful caring eye of Anne Kleinberg, the owner. It all translates to a perfect place to get ready for a wedding.

After hosting so many brides, Anne knows exactly what is needed for a place to get ready for a wedding – and that’s exactly what she’s created in Casa Caesarea.

If you or a future bride you know is looking for a place to get prepared before her wedding in Caesarea or any place close in the central or northern part of the country, look no further than Casa Caesarea.


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